Monday, December 1, 2014

SGCP, Day 1

Great first day.  I got my computer up and running.  There wasn't any paperwork to fill out and have approved, then wait for it to be actioned out of London.  I had to wait a bit after I got in to find out my password, but wasn't too bad.  The things that didn't work right away were all fixed pretty quickly, and I was able to download the software I needed myself.  Such empowerment!

I expected to have all kinds of anxiety-induced dreams last night, but I slept quite well.  I did have a dream where I was running an event, and I couldn't figure out if it was my high school reunion or my daughter's graduation.  Weird.

It was a beautiful walk to the bus this morning.  The weather was pleasant, and the sun was just rising.

Got to the office to find that the fridge is stocked with greek yogurt, and they even have a high speed blender.  (Not a Vitamix, but a close second.)  I'm glad that Leah warned me not to try to blend my iphone, I might have tried it otherwise.

We had our weekly staff meeting today, with company-provided lunch.  I brown-bagged it, so my lunch is still sitting in the fridge.  (Leah is meeting me for lunch tomorrow...maybe I should save that food for dinner.)

I'm ready to start working on my first project now -- I got all my ducks in a row.  Maybe I can even finish it tomorrow.  I would have started working on it today, but I had to catch the 7:05 bus home.  The next bus was after 8, and I think that 12 hours is too much to put in on your first me lazy if you must.  Of course, half the office was still there when I left.

And in a beautiful end to a great day, Eliana picked me up from the bus stop, and Leah had dinner waiting for me (even though she and Eliana already ate...but I can't expect them to wait forever.)

Time to make smoothies for tomorrow.  See you all next time...

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